Your desires are a blueprint of your Soul.

Learn the science behind how to turn that blueprint into your reality.

Your desires are the blueprint of your Soul.
Learn to turn that blueprint into your reality.

This is the place to be if you want to fulfill your greatest Dream

and do your deepest healing with ease and efficiency. 

If you’re ready to get out of that beat-up Fred Flintstone car and hop into the Tesla of healing.

This is the place to be if you’re interested in actualizing the impossible.

 Whether your impossible is that thing you’ve been trying everything you can get your hands on

to heal and change and it's just. not. happening.

Or your Dream, your Sacred Vision, feels so big

you have no idea how it’s ever going to happen or where to even start.

Maybe your impossible is to finally get off the train of running yourself ragged in the name of success,

and actually start achieving your Vision with an ease and a speed that feels totally unreasonable.

If any of those impossibles sound like you, Welcome.

You're in the right place.

In this House, life starts to become drastically more delightful as you uncover and own

more and more of who you really are, and build your world according to that holy blueprint.

In this House, your humanity, and all of the messy, real emotions and experiences that come with it,

get to collide and coincide with real-life, repeatable magic.

The place where no dream, no desire, and no need gets left behind.

Where all of you matters and all of you gets Seen.

Where you are returned to your Roots.

Where who you really are gets cloaked in Dignity.

Where you come home to your intrinsic Wholeness and Belonging.

The place where life begins to organically re-organize and revolutionize,

and your Dream becomes your Reality.

“Not only are the specific issues I came to Amanda with resolved, She helped peel back all of the layers of my deepest and darkest fears, some of which I didn't even know were there. I now have all of the tools I need to live my fullest life and have discovered a new found freedom within myself.”

“Two months into working with Amanda I was no longer experiencing symptoms of the chronic illness I thought I was going to have forever, and four months into working with Amanda I was able to get off of the psychiatric medication I had been taking every day for years and two years later I have the career of my dreams and the relationships of my dreams. Basically I have the happiness and health I never thought would be available to me.”

“Amanda’s gift for helping uncover people’s GOLD is beyond words. I’m just a “normal” woman with a “normal” childhood, with a “good” family that is now living in a world I had no idea could exist, let alone that I could create.”

This process has been refined over the past decade to heal & release the past, and become your fullest self with the most vibrant life: The Miracle Method is a process that is equal parts graceful as it is powerful. Feels like magic, but it's not. It’s a specifically sequenced method that changes lives and creates miracles for people all over the world.

Your unconscious mind controls about 90% of your experience. It’s the hard drive of your entire operating system. That hard drive has been coded with programs about what is true about your Self and literally every other facet of life.

Until your Unconscious is coded to run programs that align with your aim, you’re going to be in an uphill battle. Re-wiring that coding allows for change to occur with an ease that feels downright unbelievable until you’re the one experiencing it.

Your energy centers are a lot like a dryer filter, and they need to be cleaned out regularly to function effectively. Without cleaning out these filters, you are unknowingly bogged down by your own past gunk, as well as the gunk from people around us. (Think of it like energetic second hand smoke)

All that old, built up gunk limits and slows down your ability to heal, create and receive. When your energy filters are clean: Your life, Your health, & Your money flourish more effortlessly.

Just like each building you see has a blueprint that, when followed, leads to the most sturdy, beautiful structure; your Soul also has a blueprint that, when followed, leads to the most flourishing and fulfilling life. That blueprint is your Divine Design.

As we unwind and clean off the years of cultural conditioning, trauma and disappointment, your Divine Design begins to emerge. Knowing and owning that Design changes everything. You finally feel whole and at home, and your world naturally begins to match your deepest dreams.

Frankie Simmons,

The Internet Big Sister

Kyle Lasota,

Videographer/ Health & Wellness Expert

Juliana Garcia,

Marketing Coach

For those who are ready to put the pedal down on just how miraculous life can really get. This is Soul agreement work. I take on seven private clients per year so that we can go to infinite depths.

There is something irreplaceably magical about getting to do this work in person. Whether it’s a Luxury Retreat or an Energy Mastery Training, you’ll leave filled up and flourishing

in brand new ways.

Multi-level learning is the name of the game here. Every course is both a comprehensive curriculum and an energetic transmission that will radically upgrade your relationships, money and experience of life.



The Founder of House of Miracles, and the go-to gal when you’re looking to do the impossible.

I’ve spent the last 17 years in pursuit of the best tools and systems on the planet for healing. Not just healing like get out of pain and suffering healing. Healing like live the life that looks and feels like
everything you ever hoped and dreamed it could be healing. And I found them. I’ve gathered a toolbox so effective, I witness mind-blowing miracles in my clients’ and students’ lives on a regular basis when they use the systems and processes I teach.

But along the way of working with hundreds of people over the past decade, I realized something pivotal.

We don’t just want to heal and be out of pain, and we don’t just want to create our dreams. We want rich, felt belonging. We want to be Seen for all that we are, and welcomed fully. We want to know it’s okay to be exactly as human as we really are, and we want to remember exactly how magnificently, brilliantly divine we are at the exact same time.

I founded House of Miracles to be a Sanctuary for exactly that. A refuge to come in and return to your wholeness and have your belonging restored. A holy place to remember your Divine Design and revolutionize your life according to who you really are, and fulfill your Dream along the way.

Doesn’t that feel like the deepest breath? Cause same. And I’m so glad you’re here.

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