House of Miracles is a sanctuary of wholeness, liberation and divine delight,

consecrated on the altar of Holy Union (the union of body and soul, humanity and divinity),

built on the foundation of big Love and wild Magic.

We acknowledge and uphold the sanctity of the physical as the temple.

We tend to the body and to the earth as the home of the Sacred,

not a nuisance to transcend, but a doorway to be reverently entered.

We hold to the tenet that it is only with Roots that we fully flourish.

As such, we seek to acknowledge and honor the roots of the land beneath our feet.

We honor and acknowledge the rightful keepers and original stewards of the places we now dwell,

and we devote ourselves to the repair of that relationship.

We seek to uncover and make whole the broken links of our own lineage, to replant ourselves

in the fertile soil of the wisdom and medicine of those who came before us.

We pledge ourselves to the omni-reality of Love.

We hold open the doors of our hearts, our respect and our protection to Love in all its forms.

We hold open the doors of our hearts, our respect and our protection to the offspring of Love,

Humanity, in all its forms.

We abide the Sacred Dignity of every race, every faith, every orientation, every gender.

And we are allegiant to the Doctrine of Divine Design.

We throw the archaic modalities of shame and violence to the wind, and devote ourselves to the revolution

of unbecoming, and the uplifting and actualizing of the Sanctified Dream in the heart of each human.

We trust and believe that within each of these Sanctified Dreams lies the realization

of the collective vision of hope and healing we all ache for and seek.

May we be undone.

May the veil be pulled back.

May we see that everything

is inexhaustibly holy.

House of Miracles is hosted on the ancestral land of the Coahuiltecan, Tonkawa, Comanche, and Lipan Apache peoples.

A portion of House of Miracles proceeds goes towards Texas Tribal Buffalo Project, an Indigenous woman-led non-profit dedicated to the developing relationship of the Lipan Apache relatives the Iyanee’/ Buffalo and reconnection and healing of generational trauma of the Lipan Apache and other indigenous communities and tribes in Texas.

Hi, I’m Amanda Ranae! If I haven't said it before, I'm really happy you're here.

I founded House of Miracles because after over a decade in the coaching industry and much longer in the field of healing and spirituality, I realized we're all craving something more whole. I've coached enough multi-millionaires and seen enough miraculous healings to know that we don’t just want to heal and be out of pain, and we don’t just want to achieve big things.

We want rich, felt belonging. We want to be Seen for all that we are, and to be welcomed fully. We want to know it’s okay to be exactly as human as we really are, and we want to remember exactly how magnificently, brilliantly divine we are at the exact same time. AND we want to actualize all of that brilliance into a life that matches who we really are and is full of flourishing fulfillment.


I fully believe you, me and everyone else in this world are here to live exactly that. Not only do I know it's possible, I believe it's actually the key to the collective healing our planet needs.

I’ve been coaching and teaching people all over the world for the past 11 years. To this day, nobody knows what exactly they should call me. Not my family and friends and not even my clients! At this point, most of my clients and students end up calling me their fairy godmother or something like it, and over the years I’ve just somehow become the go-to-gal when you’re looking for a miracle. I'm really okay with having a job without a title because what I care about far more is what we're creating as a result of this work.

What I do know is that I am on this planet to help you revolutionize your life to match your Soul, fully, and to fulfill your deepest Dreams.

A few fun facts about me: I’m not really your average “spiritual" person. I’m more like one part Ugg-wearing, Starbucks loving basic bitch, three parts lover of all things luxury, and four parts revolutionary, with the heart of a Mystic. In fact, I recently went on an extremely sacred pilgrimage and somehow found myself hiking up the French alps in Louboutins...

I’ve been obsessed with healing and helping people live the fullest life you possibly can, and fiercely protective of being who you really are since I was 12 or 13 years old. That’s about the time I first started giving speeches and writing letters to my parents about how to heal your heart!

Then when I was 17 I lost function in nearly every joint on the left side of my body. It was quite the sight to see, picture braces everywhere! Jokes aside, it was incredibly painful. I was an athlete who suddenly couldn’t buckle her own bra. For months doctors had no idea what was wrong. After manyyy tests, eventually we found out it was arthritis. I began giving myself a weekly shot of immunosuppresent for what medical professionals said would be the rest of my life. It was not a fun time, to say the least, but there was always a whisper in my heart that my reality would not be that one, that I would be miraculously healed.

And I was. Three years later, I heard another whisper say “You don’t have arthritis anymore, but how will you know if you’ve been healed if you’re still giving yourself this shot every week.” (Insert don’t try this at home disclaimer here)

So I stopped. And sure enough, no more arthritis. To this day, if I go get scans of my joints nothing shows up. Even the previous “irreversible” damage is no longer there.

I believe in miracles because I am a walking miracle.

After that I became even more obsessed with learning how to heal. That miracle was a mystery, but I wanted to know how to help other people heal. How do we make miracles repeatable rather than random? Not only for the physical body, but for every area of life.

A life that is truly flourishing and fulfilling requires not just physical health, but relational, professional, emotional, spiritual and financial health as well. I wasn’t interested in just relieving suffering (although yay for that!) I wanted to know how to help people access everything they were on this planet to be, do and have.

I’m a bit of an obsessive personality and I've now spent the last 15 years sharpening my innate gifts and in pursuit of the best tools and systems on the planet for healing. Not just healing like get out of pain and suffering healing, healing like live the life that looks and feels like everything you ever hoped and dreamed it could be healing. I witness mind-blowing miracles happen in my clients’ and students’ lives on a regular basis. People often ask where my confidence comes from and my response is it’s easy to be confident when the work, works.

Throughout my career, many people have tried to turn me into a big personal brand life coach. But I've always known I was called to create something that wasn't built around me. I never wanted a brand. I wanted a sanctuary of healing and wholeness and flourishing we people could come and rest and remember and revolutionize their lives and others' as a result of that remembering.

House of Miracles is that sanctuary.

Please come in. Take off your shoes and poke around a bit, see how it feels. Check out the offerings currently available. Whether or not we ever do any work together, may you leave this space feeling more dignified in who you really are and more relaxed into the wholeness within you.

Perfect. I'm not "woo woo" either.

No really, five years ago you would have caught me proclaiming, “I will NEVER do anything spiritual professionally!” And thinking things like energy work were something in between disposable and dumb.

There are still moments when I’m doing work on myself or a client that I catch myself thinking, “What the fck are you doing? This is such bullsht.”

And then things get exponentially better again and even more miracles occur.

I do what I do because the results keep converting me into a believer.

You are welcome to be the same. You do not have to “believe” in anything. Just show up, use the tools, and let the results convert you.

Literally one of my favorite questions!

It brings us right back to that believing part. The incredible news is, working with me is not about how special, intuitive or attuned, or intelligent I am (although I am all of those things and they make working with me FEEL really good and warm and safe and wonderful).

Working with me is actually about a specific set of tools that are very effective at doing their job. Like a toothbrush. Your toothbrush is gonna keep your teeth clean if you use it properly and consistently, no matter what you believe.

When you uncover your Original Blueprint and clean up your energy and unconscious mind, your life is going to get exponentially better, brighter, and more prosperous in every area, no matter what you currently believe.

So bring those doubts along for the ride, because they don’t dictate where you’re going when you have the right systems and support in place!

It’s the best way I’ve found to describe people experiencing things they didn’t think were possible. Sometimes that means they thought it actually couldn't happen like this.

And sometimes it means "the thing" happens within in a timeframe or level of ease they didn’t think could happen like this.

I didn’t start talking about miracles until so many stories had rolled in from clients that it was the most accurate word to use.

Yep. By the time I was 24 I was working as the head coach in private packages that sold for up to $250,000 and co-leading a Mastermind that started at $30,000 for entry.

One of my favorite memories is the first time I co-led a VIP Day with the founder of the company. We were working with an extremely successful business owner in his early 50s.

He later shared with me that when he first walked into the room and saw me his gut reaction was “WTF is this 20 yr old girl doing here.” When he shared that with me it was actually as an apology. He said he felt so terrible for thinking that because within 5 minutes I had so thoroughly explained to him his experience, patterns, and needs that he was crying because he had never felt so understood in his entire life. It's a fond memory of my earliest days as a coach, and one of the reasons a longtime client and friend of mine refers to me as a psychological sniper.

When you work with me, whether privately, in person, or in a program, you can expect pristine attunement. The kind of attunement that makes you feel safer and more Seen than you have in your entire life. At least that’s what the majority of my clients reflect back to me.

  • You can expect a vast knowledge of tools that work holistically with your entire system: unconscious mind, energy, nervous system, and Soul.

  • You can expect to grow and heal in a way that is safe, sustainable, and honors your sovereignty.

  • You can expect to discover that some of the things you think you need to heal/breakthrough are extremely valid pieces of who you are that actually need acceptance and ownership.

  • You can expect to be supported in a hammock of unwavering belief in both you and what you are creating.

  • You can expect to feel deeply held and to get far more than where you came from.

I help you uncover your Original Blueprint and build a life that matches it in every area. And create miracles along the way.

Practically. what that looks like is using a large collection of tools I’ve gathered over the past decade+.

I've spent a lifetime cultivating a system that decodes the programming in the unconscious mind, energy work that focuses specifically on energetic hygiene, nervous system regulation, the Akashic Records, and a sensitivity and attunement to what’s happening in the deepest parts of you.

Often my clients share that I describe what they’re feeling better than they can.

It all sounds quite magical, but most folks are surprised to find out how structured, straightforward, and even clinical the work we do can be at times. All while feeling the kind of safety to be your whole self that you've always craved and you've always deserved.

Amazing!! There are several ways people get the help and support they need to get do the work their Soul is calling them to. Explore them here to get a feel of what your first step may be.

When people are meant to step into my work, there’s always a tingle of knowing. An inner yes that is either quiet or loud. I trust you to know and follow that knowing.

Once you’ve looked around a bit if that tingle is there schedule a Soul Exploration with me here.

We can connect more deeply and decide together what the right next step is for you to uncover your Blueprint more fully than ever before and unlock the miracles that follow!

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