For those who are ready to put the pedal down on just how miraculous life can really get, a private coaching container is as fast and as deep as you can get. Most of my private clients call me their fairy godmother. I work in 13 month containers. This is soul agreement work, and I take on a maximum of 8 clients so that we can go to infinite depths. If this is the option for you, something in you likely already knows.

Investment starts at $40,000

There is something irreplaceably magical about getting to do this work in person. Immersion Days are a personalized vortex of healing and energetic acceleration that occur in the optimal energetic conditions of my home in Austin. These days have done everything from birth businesses to heal lineage trauma. Each immersion is individually tailored to your specific needs, desires, and vision. These are limited, so apply now if you are interested.

Investment starts at $5,000

These trainings are two-fold. You simultaneously go through an immersive whole system upgrade, while at the same time, learning and getting certified in the most comprehensive and effective energy work modality available. The miracles people experience in the two day duration of the training alone are astounding, but the power of leaving with all of the tools I use in my private practice with clients is priceless. There is a Foundation Level and an Advanced Level.

Investment starts at $2,500

Every once in a while I create and facilitate luxurious, life-changing, once in a lifetime experiences. There is nothing like the intimacy, depth, safety and transformation these retreats create. The people who attend leave with more than they expected and lifelong friends that often meet them at a level of belonging they’ve never experienced before. These retreats are Soul excursions, lineage healings and vision activations. Click below to see if there’s one happening anytime soon:

Investment starts at $8,000

Expansion is your birthright. You were literally MADE for expansion. As in, you were made for continual growth, for things to get better and better and better, without force and strain and exhaustive effort. But most of us were taught a$$ backwards, shown how to earn but never how to receive and it's causing huge levels of exhaustion and limitation. Not only are you not able to achieve the full potential you know you're capable of, you get drained, frustrated and disappointed along the way. It's time to learn to expand the way you were designed to: effortlessly. This is a comprehensive, self-paced course that is designed with everything you need to fully integrate what you learn, put it into practice and start seeing results! Get started today:

Investment starts at $597

Wherever you are on your journey to healing and creating a life that matches who you truly are, this workbook is a holistic, experiential guide to accelerate your path, deepen your connection to your Self, and crystalize your understanding of who you truly are. This workbook is the accumulation of the last 12 years of my work. It is both a brilliant starting place if you are at the beginning of your healing journey and an incredible fine-tune adjustment if you’ve been tracking toward your Soul for a while. May it surprise and delight you, and leave you wildly your Self.

Investment starts at $35

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