Amanda is the real freaken DEAL. She embodies everything she is teaching and you can feel it when you're on the phone. She embodies that you CAN HAVE IT ALL so much so that working with her has allowed me to believe it for myself. At the beginning of the year, I set a goal for my business to hit six figures for the first time. It felt close to impossible then, and now LESS than a year later, I’ve surpassed it!

As a result of our work I know without a doubt, that there is no limit to how big I can dream, no limit to how much money I can make, no limit to how many people I can help, no limit to how much joy, pleasure, magic I can experience in my life.

In a Facebook world of coaches making empty promises, Amanda makes promises she can keep. After being burned by countless other coaches Amanda has been a breath of fresh air.

- Catherine Danieli, Founder of Open to Love


A year ago, I came to this woman exhausted. During our time together I gained the strength to release a relationship that was traumatic, to say the least. I began to believe in my worthiness. Money began to flow with ease. But that was just the beginning. 

I began to trust myself as she led me on a journey. 

And I cannot explain to you the difference that being in her energy and experiencing her in person made. If I made strides over the phone, I made quantum leaps in person. I left the retreat feeling literally like a new person. 

In the weeks that followed, I posted this, unsolicited message:

Amanda Ranae your retreats should come with warning labels. ⚠️ Warning. Side effects may include:😴Sleeping better. Having nocturnal dreams again (and remembering a lot of them).🥗 Paying attention to ones desire to rest and eat foods of the Earth.🛀 Taking bubble baths...lots of bubble baths. 💜Looking at oneself with genuine love and compassion instead of disgust and frustration.😭 Oh. And crying. For many reasons and sometimes none at all. 

With every passing day, I love and respect and honor myself more.

- TaVona Boggs, Organic Marketing Strategist


I found Amanda because my wife was working with her. I was in the best place of my career, and yet I was struggling with a business that wasn't working and knew that I needed to find a new path forward. I was drawn to work with her because her balance of facing reality while remaining optimistic, combined with strategic thinking and energy tools is powerful. Also, I had already seen amazing results in Amanda's work with my wife. 

Since our work together, I started a company, I'm my own boss, and I'm doing the work I love most. I'm more aware of the challenges I face and ways to move toward what I want. I'm more confident and proud of my ability to think strategically. 

I was surprised by how "un-woo-woo" Amanda can be! 😄 Sure, we got into energy work, the Akashic Records, and cleaning out subconscious limitations, but we also got into social media strategy, leadership, conflict resolution, and defined business outcomes. Wherever you are now, Amanda can support you and help you grow.

- Bryan Landers, Startup Founder & Investor

“After working with Amanda I don't have that negative self-talk I used to...I just have so much more love and compassion for ALL parts of me and all the ways I show up in life. I just cannot recommend her enough. If you want a big shift in a big part of your life... hire yesterday.”

- Sarah Moody, Growth Marketer & Tech Executive Coach

“Having someone take such care with me and how I felt - there really are no words. Beacause transforming and changing your life especially at the level of this work where you are changing behaviors and not just doing things on the surface you need to feel really safe... I am a completely different person now and that is in a large part because of the work I did with [Amanda}.”
- Cynthia Hester, Director of Marketing at Google


My first Soul Session with Amanda was around mostly business. She helped me create a sales system that was designed for me and the way I’m designed. I was trying to be this “professional” business woman and do it like everyone esle, when really, I’m this heartland, intuitive gal. Not two weeks after that first session with her, I booked my highest paying client who went on to become the best client I’ve ever had!

I signed up for a deeper level of work with Amanda, and we ended up addressing the chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia I’d had for four years.

It was just crazy how quickly it happened because, I mean, this had been four years of my life that I'd been sick. And then all of a sudden in like a month and a half, it's gone, and it's incredible. I used to feel glued to my bed in the morning because I was just so tired, but now I’m able to pop right up! It’s amazing what I’m able to bring to my business and my clients now because my brain is clear and I’m not struggling like I used to be.

Because of my work with Amanda, I went from 4 years of fatigue and sickness and pain, to now I’m just full of joy and health and I’m able to build my business from a place of ease.

Okay so, if you're thinking about working with Amanda, it's probably because you're already in the place where you know that you need the shifts that she's going to bring, and I would say just trust that and act on it! If you’re hesitant, just talk to Amanda about it because she's wonderful about just seeing what's in alignment for you and being very open to whatever that looks like for you. She doesn’t try to pressure you into doing something just because it's gonna make her a sale. She’s very much there for your good.

Lean into the pull and stay open because if you're thinking about working with Amanda, something big is there for you.

- Frankie Simmons, The Internet Big Sister

“I very quickly saw my money increase with a lot of ease, I stopped having my regular lower back pain. Life just got better and better. I can tell you now, 8 months later, my life is truly miraculous. I live in a miracle state every day.”

- Jenn Koch, Stylist


I’ve been doing therapy work, EFT, N.E.T, Hypnosis, NLP and the list goes on for the past EIGHT years and Amanda uncovered and connected dots for me that no one ever has… in ONE session. It’s been a radical shift for me and I’m still integrating the amazing learnings I gained from working with her. It’s like a tree that keeps growing roots of wisdom… Things are just getting clearer and clearer. 

So, if you’re looking to take a quantum leap in your personal life, business, or whatever else, do yourself a favor and reach out ASAP!

- Jamin Van Dillen

“I’ve been working with energy personally for 11 years and professionally for 6 years and this is the most efficient and easiest form of energy work I’ve ever done.”
- Rachel Krylov


Before I started working with Amanda, I felt trapped in a toxic marriage. I didn’t have a clear perspective of the abuse I was experiencing, nor the detrimental effects it was having on my wellbeing and children. I had nearly lost myself and my soul was calling me to more. I found Amanda through a coach I was working with that introduced her to my world, and I was drawn to work with her because of her confidence, radiance, elegance, and grace. Because of her knowing, gifts and skills, the results I could see that seemed effortless from the outside, and there was an innate magical quality about her that my soul recognized and felt. My body indicated a full body YES! before I knew what I was even fully signing up for.

After working with Amanda, I am now out of that unhealthy dynamic. I am on the other side of what I didn’t know was possible or accessible for me and seemed so allusive no matter how much I tried to figure it out on my own. I am home inside myself. I have a beautiful, peaceful living space. I have created a safe, loving, affirming, supportive and nurturing environment and abundant life for my children. We are thriving on all levels. 

Amanda is one of the rare people that I feel truly sees me. There is something magnificent that naturally happens and accelerates in her presence when truly seen by her. It’s like she saw the best version of me before I could. She helped hold the bridge to where I am today. Her guidance and support during sessions and the retreat helped save my life. 

She knew I could be right where I am today before I did. 

If you’re thinking about working with Amanda, go with your nudge or that tingle. The tears or the urge to run. She helps you reach that version of you that is emerging with a swiftness and grace that appears miraculous from where you are standing. And yet, it is natural, and seemingly effortless from the other side. There is no other person I trust to help me shift in the best way possible than Amanda.

- Mari Jane Campbell


I can only remember feeling a little lost before I started working with Amanda. I had so many complicated emotions and feelings and didn’t know that all of them were okay and they had a place and served a purpose in my life. I was facing challenges in self-worth and childhood trauma. I had a little hesitancy before saying yes to the investment of this work, but I knew I NEEDED to spend the money to invest in my mental health and well-being! 

Amanda has been the one person I could tell my deepest, darkest secrets to. The things I’ve never told even my closest friends for fear of judgment just flowed out of me when speaking with her. I still face challenges, but I feel so much lighter and can see things more for how they are now. I’ve felt an increase of self confidence which has directly impacted my work/career advancement, friendships, and family relationships for the better. 

I was surprised by how LIGHT I felt after every session. It felt like therapy, but in the most productive, cleansing way. I loved how I felt after every call. If you’re thinking about working with Amanda, DO IT. It’s the best thing you’ll ever do for yourself.

- Elaine Day


Amanda’s gift for helping uncover people’s GOLD is beyond words. I’m just a “normal” woman with a “normal” childhood, with a “good” family that is now living in a world I had no idea could exist, let alone that I could create. The freedoms I have experienced in uncovering myself and MY gold are beyond words. Amanda is a life changer.

- Ashley Magee


Not only are the specific issues I came to Amanda with resolved, she helped peel back all of the layers of my deepest and darkest fears, some of which I didn't even know were there. She brought my unconscious mind to light and taught me how to slowly unravel years of unhealthy habits. I now have all of the tools I need to live my fullest life and have discovered a new found freedom within myself.

I will forever be grateful for this process. If you’re thinking about working with Amanda, GO FOR IT! She is truly gifted at what she does!!

- Courtney Goble


Working with Amanda was like coming home to me. She has this incredible ease and brilliant clarity in her coaching. Through coaching with her I am now completely confident in my voice. I’ve experienced radical breakthroughs with money and my business. I feel totally different than when I started working with her. She’s the real deal. When you get around Amanda, you just start to get more free.

- Hannah Bell


The energy alignment and directed insights from my work with Amanda helped me hit my goal in far less time than I ever thought possible.

- Maria Hernandez Carter


What is hard for me to even put into words is the safety that you provide. It's just something that I never thought was possible. The acceptance that you so effortlessly give is just what the world needs. I wish everyone could experience it. 

Being with you in person and seeing you hold everyone just so effortlessly, and I'm a therapist, I've seen people really unravel and I've seen really trained professionals not do a great job. So I was bracing myself through the whole anger exercise and I mean, you just didn't miss a beat. It's other-worldly the way that you can tune in and keep people safe. It's just such a gift. I really can't even express my gratitude for how much you have impacted my whole life, and my ability to be with myself and my family and my kids and my clients.

- Dr. April Slaughter

“Working with Amanda was like coming home to me. I no longer have these tangled stuck points holding me back from sharing my voice, from experiencing ease and clarity.”

- Hannah Bell


I think of when I signed up and was like, I hope it's worth it. And now, I'm like it's a thousand times worth it. I would do it over and over and over. I made the right decision hands down.

- Kaylei Atchley

“Amanda just holds really safe space. She holds you with sensitivity… and it allows you just to be at ease. It’s a safe place for you to uncover and explore everything about yourself."

- Dr. Jess Garza


Working with you has changed my life. More than anything else I've done in my entire life. Putting my trust in you and working with you has been the best money I've ever spent on myself.

- Hilary Drozd


Amanda’s in person training and retreats hold some of my most sacred moments, profound experiences, and favorite memories! Amanda is one of the most magical and heart centered humans I have ever met. Every time I enter a container with her my expectations are blown out of the water. Every. Single. Time. She holds this incredible ability to bring validation and grace to my experience that always feels deeply nourishing. The grace she offers and the safety I feel with her feels like the warmest hug. I’m so grateful Amanda is on this floating rock with me. My life would never be the same without her! She has given me my life back, in ways I didn’t even know was possible. The shifts I have experienced, and the things I have learned through Amanda's art and genius truly feel like the greatest gifts anyone has ever given me.

- Katie Christenson


I feel so delicately held like one of those faberge eggs. I've never been so happy to have invested so much money in something.

- Amanda Young

“What’s blown my mind about these tools is how graceful everything is. How easy it feels. How safe and protected I feel.”

- Ellen Day

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